Why I make memory quilts

​I’m a mum and I’ve lost a mum,I know from experience, clothes can have a big emotional pull.   Babies grow up so quickly, but the memories are too precious to let go and making a quilt, or other keepsake item, helps to keep those memories alive to share with others.

  When I lost my mum, there were items of clothing I couldn’t bear to part with, they were a permanent, visible reminder of her.  Keeping her clothes, and a couple of special outfits from when the boys were little means we can take them out and the memories come flooding back,  making us smile.  This is the whole reason, throwing out clothes can be so difficult.

​At the time, I wasn’t making quilts, so my memories were encapsulated in an embroidery, but I still have a jumper and cardigan.  Wearing them is the closest I get to having that hug.  Wrapping myself in a quilt made from some of her clothes would have been the perfect way to continue to wrap myself in her love.

Don’t throw away precious clothes from your loved ones, or your child’s tiny clothes that are full of memories.  Treasure them forever in your very own Forever Keepsake Quilt.

  If you have treasured outfits you can’t bear to throw away, let me make them into something you can see, touch and enjoy, don’t leave them hidden in a cupboard.  The best part of this process, is building a relationship with  your family, even for a short time, to give back to you something very special.  ​Memories are precious, and making these quilts holds those memories dear and makes them into something new which ties the past to the present, making new memories along the way.

It’s a privilege and an honour to be entrusted with this task, I hope you find the journey as rewarding as I do.

If I could rate you a million stars I would! I’ve just received my two daughters’ duvets, cushions and comfort blankets made from their baby clothes and I’m in absolute tears of joy! They are simply amazing and I am utterly over the moon with them! I’m so, so, so pleased with them and so pleased you responded to my original post on your page.

Thank you sooooo much. I will be highly recommending you to every one of my family and friends. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Are you ready to order your memory quilt?

To get your very own memory quilt, get in touch so we can discuss how to create the best forever quilt for you and your memories.

Your first step is to complete the contact form below.

We will discuss the best size for your quilt, what fabrics you want to use and any concerns you may have.  Prices start from £260 for a quilt suitable for a single bed. Smaller or bigger quilts can be made, let me know what you require and I will provide you a no obligation quote.

You can pay for your quilt in full or in installments.  I will not purchase materials or start the next stage of your quilt without payment to cover.  Your quilt will only be sent out after full payment has been received.

The cost of your quilt includes design, preparing clothes/textiles for piecing, materials including interfacing, cotton thread, cotton wadding, backing fabric, binding fabric.  Fabric for the backing and binding is always agreed with you.  I generally use upcycled fabric for backings and bindings as this is usually more sympathetic to the garments and textiles used.  I understand this may not be your preference and I will buy new if that is your preference.  All recycled fabrics are washed before use.  Your quilt will also have a personalised label, a paper certificate with all the essential details of the quilt for you to keep for future generations, and a slideshow video showing your quilt being made from start to finish.  These become part of the heritage of your quilt.  Your treasured quilt will be returned to you via Royal Mail registered post.

You will need to send me all the items you want to be included in your quilt.  As these items are precious to you, I recommend you send your items ‘signed for’ via Royal Mail or courier.

Once I have your items, I will look at them and allow them to ‘speak’ to me and together we will finalise the layout.

I will keep you updated via email or video calls, (via Skype or Google Hangouts), sending you photos, and where it is easier, videos so that decisions can be made. I will not move on from any stage until you are happy.  These are your memories and your forever memory quilts.

Each quilt is labelled and I will ask you for the details you want to be included-personal labels are always kept private.

Once the quilt is finished, or near completion, I will ask you what you want doing with leftover fabric. Depending on how much fabric is leftover, I will give you the option of an extra make* or having the fabric returned.

*This could be a cushion, comforter or pillowcase.  This is a chargeable service,  although it will be a nominal charge to cover extra expenses.  There is no obligation to have these items.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Memory Quilt

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Love the idea, but want something other than a quilt?

If you want something smaller than a quilt, then why not consider a memory bear or cushions.  For one family, I was able to create unique cushions for several members of the family, as well as aprons and a memory pouch to go with a quilt.

You can find out more details about memory bears here.

Just wanted to thank you so much for all the work and thought you put into making the cushions for me and my family.  They all appreciated them very much and thought it was a lovely idea.  I’m sure the family will be very pleased and surprised at the way you have brought their dad, granddad and brother-in-law that little bit closer.  Thank you so much for all your work in making the cushions and especially the “Treasure Bag”

Sylvia B, Finland