For me, making quilts is quite therapeutic.  As I make the quilt, I often think about those in the past that took fragments of used and loved fabric to create a quilt to provide warmth and comfort through the colder months of autumn and winter.  There is something so satisfying in joining those pieces of fabric to create a fragile quilt top.  This stage of a quilt is often known as a flimsy which is quite apt as the quilt now requires gentle handling.

Once the quilt top has been made, it is layered with wadding (batting) and a backing piece of fabric.  Our quilt is now thicker, but without the next stage of quilting, it’s still not very stable.  All the component parts are liable to move, usually in all different directions.  The quilting we add is functional, as well as decorative, it holds all our pieces together.

As each stitch of the quilting is added, the separate parts of our quilt become one.  No longer will they move independently of each other, they become integral parts of a whole.  Now the quilt is beginning to gain some strength and stability, but it’s not quite finished yet.  The edges are raw and will fray so binding needs to be added.

I almost always finish the binding by hand, it’s my favourite part of the making the quilt. It’s my time to bond with the quilt.  As I stitch around all four edges, I get to enjoy the quilt in a way I  never will again.  It’s the first hug, and like giving birth to a child, all the pain, long hours and hard work becomes a distant memory as you see now see it as the finished article.

I’m ready to send it out into the world to spread some love, I’m now ready to send it to you.

I ordered a very special quilt to be made for my beautiful granddaughter.  The service I got from Jane was outstanding, she kept very close contact asking about colour, pattern and design and to top it all, she added a personal message from us to our granddaughter. When the quilt arrived it was so beautiful and the wording we had chosen was beautiful, I had a few tears it took my breath away. I would highly recommend this lovely , caring lady for any of your special makes. Thank you Jane xxx

Annette S, County Durham

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You can pay for your quilt in full or in installments.  I will not purchase or start the next stage of your quilt without payment to cover.  Your quilt will only be sent out after full payment has been received.  

The cost of your quilt includes having a personalised label on your quilt, a paper certificate with all the essential details of the quilt for you to keep for future generations, and a slideshow video showing your quilt being made from start to finish.  These become part of the heritage of your quilt.


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